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Month: December, 2011

.care to share what it is?

you two are so alike, yet very different. i want both. the logical orgy and the spontaneous incident.

i want to go on a random trip to nowhere blasting lyric-less noise and risking unnecessarily, then come home to the unconditional love and rants of the rational, who will wrap me in warm arms and put me to sleep.

i hope this answers your question. too bad you will never see this.


.same everyday

i need something new. the same mundane routine is making me over-think things:  my life, the choices i’ve made and will ultimately make. i want a lot of things, but are they right for me? am i being greedy or too worried about how my choices will affect the people closest to me? see there i go again, over-thinking…

.what’s wrong with polygamy?

society has a strong influence over people. it has the power to convince people something is wrong before they have a chance to make their own decision about it.

polygamy for example. why is it illegal? there is a show about 3 women (2 of the women are twin sisters btw) who are married to the same guy. if they have no problems sharing one guy, than who are we to keep them from being happy (or unhappy according to divorce rates)? as long as he’s not using them as slaves, what’s the problem? the only thing i have a problem with is all the damn kids.

society should just accept the fact that humans have the ability to be in love with multiple people at once? it may help with cheating…

i don’t know. just a thought…

.my own path

i have to find my own success. people are getting married and having kids and it makes me jealous, but i have to remind myself of what I want; not what others have. everyone has their own idea of what success is and i have to find mine. I definitely don’t want kids right now, i want to focus on getting my career. so why do i get upset about people i know having kids? i guess because they seem established, but maybe they’re not. i don’t know what’s going on in their lives. i shouldn’t base my life on how others live theirs. i need to find my own path and stop worrying about what everyone around me is doing.

so i’m taking a break from facebook. 


New Year’s Resolution (starting now): Take control of my life!

i’m going to try to be more positive. reading over my last post, i see that i’m a little on the dreary side and that isn’t always fun. i’m not always like this, so i shouldn’t use this blog just for when i’m feeling shitty.

maybe i’ll give the site a new look…


i have been blessed with the most amazing friends ever. they are there when i need them most and we get along as if we are all perfect sisters. unfortunately, it kills me to be around them. they are a constant reminder of success; something where i have failed. i’m happy for them, but i’m hard on myself, which everyone should be to an extent. i choose to not talk about my life when i visit them; its just an embarrassment and i’d rather not burst into tears. i tend to leave a lot of people that are close to me in the dark when it comes to how i really feel. i’ve always been like that.


so many things that i want to be; that i want to accomplish, but i can’t choose. i loose and gain interest too quickly. i feel like a child in a candy store, except the candy is placed on high shelves i can’t reach and they cost thousands of dollars. i need a guide, i need to focus…but on what? that’s a difficult question to answer.

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