My Life Starts Over

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Month: January, 2012

repeat offender

i make the same mistakes everytime. hurting the one person i know is the most undeserving of my selfish actions. i ask myself why, but i’m too afraid to seek the truth. what someone really wants can be scary and because of that it gets pushed back into denial.

i’m starting to realize i’m the worst person for him, but he loves me without a doubt. i’m foolish for running after the unattainable and not deserving.



i just want to runaway and start over in a place i’ve never been before. shed this old me and become who i really want to be, whatever that may be. sometimes i picture myself in this new place free from worry and stress. its just me sitting. looking at the beautiful scenery surrounding me. and i’m happy. i want to find this place.

been a while

so, as the title shows, its been a while since i’ve last posted. i’ve actually been doing pretty well. don’t really have much to post. been keeping myself busy with other things. i’m on this beauty kick right now. hoping it will help me figure myself out s little.

also i’ve been thinking about going on a little adventure. maybe visit different “haunted” places (i like scary things lol) and write about them or something. maybe come up with my own stories, i don’t know. i just know i need to get the hell out of this state for a while and just drive without a destination. of course i need money for this, which is the only thing keeping me from doing this.


so i was right, i must be psychic. but my question is why? why would you go all that way for that? why when you could have just driven 4 hours, whatever!

its like i give you myself and in return you thank the people who treated you like shit. you’re welcome dick! i’m so annoyed i can’t even be creative right now. i swear this guy is a fucking idiot!

ok i’m done with my rant now.


i like staying up late at night. makes me feel like i can get more done; conquer my life, fix things. sometimes it feels like the sun may never come up and i can listen to my noise forever and never be interrupted by the fears and worries the sun will bring.

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