My Life Starts Over

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Month: July, 2012

They say its not for everyone. I don’t know if its for me anymore. I’ve tried, I really have, but there’s always something and I don’t know how to fix it. Unless I just end it, break his heart, something I promised I would never do. I guess he’s right, talking doesn’t do anything.


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I’m realizing that women are more sexual than men. Well, maybe I knew this all along. I’m straight, been so for 26 years, but I have a list of women (most of them famous) that I would throw my life away for. Meaning, I find them extremely attractive. I’ve accepted the fact that I am attracted to some women, but it baffles me still.

In college, I made out with another female when I was drunk and to this day, I occasionally feel the need to make out with a girl when I’m drunk. I just recently found out one of my straight female friends is the same way, only she started doing this now (way after college).

What is this urge? Is it just a form of new excitement? A need to get away from the testosterone? Mind you, I never feel this way when I’m sober. I still may see an attractive female and tell my boyfriend about it, but that’s it.

Oh well.

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