Your Words

by Rayla

You’ve always known how to use your words

thanks to the way you were raised.

You’re eloquent speech makes you stand out

from the background that surrounded you

Now you use those words to pass on your wisdom

reveal hate, stupidity, the obvious.

You also use those words to hurt

the one person who is always there for you.

You don’t see it.

You think it’s normal.

She cries to herself, while you feel justified,

a winner.

Your words burn more than anything else.

You don’t see it.

You say she hates it when you’re happy,

but it’s the opposite.

When she twirls, dances, and sings not so perfect,

it angers you and you defend it.

You treat her like a child.

As if she’s some annoying little brat you can’t stand to be around.

So, she stays quiet. To you that’s petty.

I can’t get it right.

Keep busy and work, wrong.

Be happy and twirl, wrong.

I’m not normal enough for you,

and you can’t handle it.

You hate everything I do,

and wonder why I stiffen when you touch me.

Why I stay in my room while you enjoy your laughter.