One Exercise a Day

by Rayla

When I’m at my 9-5, I have moments filled with nothing to do–very long and boring moments. Usually I fill that time with imgur (they . . . they have so many things), but I think the best way to use that time is to write. I found a couple of websites with creative writing prompts and random first line generators. Since I have a hard time sparking my own imagination, I’ll let a computer do it for me.

One a day, any length. I think I can do this.

Prompt #1: Random First Line Generator (the random line is in bold)

He didn’t want to go out on such a night. Snow swirled from the sky and turned into a brown slush on the street. But the cat needed food. The cat he never wanted. He stumbled upon the girl on a rainy night. She was hiding amongst the garbage by the corner store down the street. He heard her small meows coming from the dump and felt bad. He would have felt like a complete ass if he had just left her there. Plus, winter was around the corner. When he approached her, she duck behind a black bag filled with a horrific smell and green leakage. Her green eyes peeked above the mound of stench, grey ears pointing behind her. The sound of his tongue clicking against the roof of his mouth encouraged her to come up. After that night, he still hated cats, but this one was different.

Not the greatest, but it’s a start.