Random Scenario – Prompt Day 2

by Rayla

You’ve bought an old chest of drawers and discover a piece of paper stuck inside. What is written on that piece of paper?

Again was scribbled on the old piece of paper.

“Again?” I said out loud as if an explanation would appear. Looking and feeling my way around the empty drawers, hoping to find the rest of the puzzle, but nothing.

I sat down on the bed, staring at this discolored, scrap of paper. Thoughts of scary movies popped in my head. The one where the little girl buys an old jewelry box from a garage sale worried me the most.

Is this it? The start of some inescapable horror story come true? I got up and put the the piece of paper back in the drawer, hoping it would calm the horror gods and convince them to spare me.

It’s short, but I think I like it like this. I could always use it in another story. I have plenty of unfinished ones that could use this. Or maybe start a new story; the piece of paper is pretty intriguing: where does it come from, what does the rest of the paper say, is this some kind of time-travel or repeating-day story? I could do so much with it.

What does your piece of paper say?