I started this blog in 2011. At the time, my life had changed completely. I figured recording my random thoughts would help clear my head and get me through my “bottomless downs,” and it did. However, now I’m in a different place (again), a much better place.

I recently became Editor-in-Chief of a new online magazine: Giga: Geek Magazine. Once I took this new, demanding title, I felt like I was missing something: writing. I put it off for so long because I lost confidence in myself. I still haven’t completely found it, but I think with each post I write I gain a piece of my confidence back. Now, I want to use this blog to help me focus more on my writing (or lack there of).

The pieces I post will be some personal stuff, poems, and pieces of stories. I’m still not used to people reading my stuff, so if some of it doesn’t make sense, it’s just me rambling my way through.